Please introduce yourself to the community!

Please welcome yourself to the Counter Steer drifting forum.
Christopher J
What's CS?
What's CS?
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Re: Please read Forum Member Applications

Post by Christopher J » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:52 am

Age: 40
Location: Kansas City KS
Years Drifting: 2 1/2
Sakura D3

My name is Chris. I've been in RC ever since my first RC car at the age of 6. Up until recently I was a field rep for a German RC helicopter manufacturer. After some changes in life (divorce, etc) I got back into cars as a way to spend time with my boys.

I figured I'd like to join because I very much enjoy drifting and how the CS cars handle compared to my 50/50 car. I'd like to learn more as well as help, those new to it to learn and also use the sight as an Avenue to help educate my son's on CS drifting. Lastly I like the "art form" of drifting and the technique required to mimic real cars vs the unrealistic speeds of cars flying around a track.

What's CS?
What's CS?
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Re: Please introduce yourself to the community!

Post by Coming-in-sidewayz » Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:08 am

Location: Australia
Years Drifting: 1
Counter-Steer Chassis: ATM, HSP flying fish

Would love to join CS as I want to share my passion for this fine hobby with the fellow drifters

What's CS?
What's CS?
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Re: Please introduce yourself to the community!

Post by DeetsRintheDrift » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:38 am

I'm from Toronto, Canada and have been drifting since 2005. I have drifted50/50 to CS to RWD, back to 50/50 then to CS then HCS and I think this is where I enjoy myself the most. I had an account on here years ago but since the rise of RWD this forum really died. I have been noticing a growth in the HCS genre recently so I thought maybe throw up a post and see if we can re-ignite this once ICONIC forum.

My current drift chassis's are as follows. In the 50/50 sector I have a HPI Sprint 2 Sport and a Yokomo DP. In the CS class I have MST Yokomo DP, GRK2, MST MS-01D VIP, MST FS-01D stock with the 1.83 CS kit, Sakura D3 & D4. I also have my own custom belts and pulleys for my Sprint 2 for running CS at a modest 53%. In RWD I have an EA TT02 GRT, Wrap-up MR-D and currently putting together a Yokomo LCD YD-2 Plastic (not the plus) Finally for my favorites my HCS (over 300% CS setups) I had a CE-RX I just sold, Dib Ver2 and my baby another MST FS-01d which I think is more vacuum cleaner than RC now lol. I am currently raising the front bulkheads so I can fit a bigger diff up front and awaiting a custom 8T pulley and hope to break the 450% CS (5.5) with a FDR of 3.2.

So anyone with questions or comments or anyone as crazy as me still rocking CS or has interests in HCS or maybe you are just starting into RC drift, I am here to help get CS and HCS back into the spot light as I believe the new HCS movement are producing some of the most TALENTED and SKILLFUL RC Drifters today. Keep drifting fun my friends and when it doubt...just stick it sideways.

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